Mom + Daughter

Terri, is an experienced gardener, who endeavors to inspire all of her nine children on the importance of being a producer and nurturer. Homeschooling for 20+ years she has a heart for learning, and cultivating the growth of those around her. She has always loved being outside and is constantly in awe of creation.

Ashley, a romantic and creative soul, is passionate about small business and loves working with her hands. Often inspired by the sunrise + sunset, she gleans her creativity from nature. Raised to love hard work and beauty, she finds real joy in getting to be outside everyday.

Reminiscing over the “blumen felds” that they frequented while living in Bavaria, Terri and Ashley started growing flowers in 2017. They appropriately named their farm “Field and Forage” because growing and cutting fresh blooms is often coupled with a stroll through the woods to look for that perfect assortment of greenery and wildflowers.