Nurture cultivate create

flower farm owned and operated by mother/daughter team in north Alabama

the care of the earth is our most ancient and most worthy and, after all, our most pleasing responsibility.
— Wendell Berry

experience the difference:

Who knew that carnations have such an intoxicatingly, sweet fragrance? Or that stock smells like cinnamon and spices? Or that there are so many incredible varieties of tulips and zinnias? Before starting Field and Forage, we didn't know!

Growing and learning about flowers is a passion for us. As we grow and learn, we can’t help but be excited to share the harvest. When you are only exposed to supermarket flower, you cannot experience the joy of local, in-season blooms!

Need fresh-cut flowers for someone special? Or for the gathering you are hosting this weekend? Or just to add some brightness to your dining room table? Contact us and we will let you know what we have blooming in the fields right now!


our mission: Field + forage

making slow flowers and seasonal blooms available to our farmers markets, florists and local flower enthusiast.